I began playing piano when I was eleven. I remember my sister, Molly Beth always playing compositions of her own and filling the house with music. I began plinking away at the piano in our home as well, creating several random small compositions . I can also clearly remember spending time after school, almost every day playing an old piano that was in a janitors closet, as I waited for my dad to come pick me up. My principal would say "he loved to hear my music filling the corridors and gym of our school making it easier for him to relax after a long day".

I continued to play and as I grew older I would perform my pieces at winter concerts and gatherings at my elementary school in Penobscot. I would have to say that when people liked my music, that made it a lot more fun and rewarding to create songs. Eventually I won a local contest for one of my piano compositions called "Cloudy Day". As I continued on through elementary school and reached high school, I began writing more poetry and lyrics  . At first , being somewhat self conscious, I would never sing my lyrics, I would just write them.
I am working on my second CD. Check out my progress on my MySpace page.

Sincerely, Katie Paquin